Mission Motivated

Viridis Solutions LLC, is a small veteran owned business (VOSB) with HUB Zone and VA CVE certifications whose leading directive comes from our customer’s mission, nothing has a higher priority or more vital.

Outcome Oriented

We are driven to help our customers to meet economic gains, environmental sustainability goals, and strive to deliverable clear and measurable results.

Partnership Powered

Ultimately delivering real and measurable value through our unique blend of industry leading technologies and services unlike any found within a single integrated offering. Together we have delivered thousands of smart real estate buildings worldwide, including federal military, civilian, Intelligence, state and local, hospitals, universities, financial services and manufacturing.


End-To-End Sustainable Solutions

We are committed to our customers sustainability & energy reduction goals

  • Our solutions are based upon a foundation of social responsibility and environmental stewardship
  • Our solutions are designed to provide near-term ROI
  • We tailor our solutions to complement an organization’s operational model
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Viridis leverages our socio-economic status as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), HUB Zone and VA CVE certifications along with our partners, to deliver industry leading smart building services, sustainable energy saving technologies and ongoing operations. We are driven by our customer’s economic gains, their environmental sustainability goals, and work hard to help them meet energy mission objectives. Viridis and our partners hold over 1 dozen contract vehicles available to our customers to make acquisition easier.


Viridis offers a unique blend of smart building services (building controls, systems, data analytics, and security) combined with sustainable technologies that together results in lower consumption and higher productivity of the buildings and people who manage them.

Industry Leading Smart Building

With our partners, we provide planning and implementation of smart building projects. We leverage the IT network as the platform, strive to leverage open protocols to connected the unconnected and normalize data for effective analytics in order to “turn dials” for improved efficiency. We can deliver building assessments, “visioning” and help with strategy, deploy management systems and energy efficient technologies, or manage the entire smart building project, call or email for further information.

Security Consulting

A unique aspect of the service that Viridis offers is the ability to “wrap” security around everything we do. One of the most often listed risk factors to a smart building project is “what happens to my security profile when I connect this energy application or building system or control to my network?” A security assessment will be considered and recommended for every project we undertake. For more information on this offering, please email

Solution Architecture

As part of our smart building services, we will be happy to deliver your smart building “solution architecture”. This service includes the use of templates and best practices which become deliverables to follow for the execution of smart real estate projects. This includes visioning stage through deployment, measurement, continuous improvement, and reporting. Please call or email for more information.

Energy Saving Technology

Viridis has pulled together technology companies that can help our customers save power, reduce water consumption, increase insulation factors, manage a portfolio of buildings, “condition power” at the building level, LED lighting or even generate their own power through photovoltaics. Each of these technologies have a “stand alone” return on investment (ROI). For more details, see our partner section or email

Solution Planning & Deployment

As part of the Viridis services offering, we can deliver an integrated solution architecture. This ensures that there is a unified, holistic approach to achieve customer objectives that optimizes resources and minimizes costs. However, many times customers have a single need to plan for a particular technology project and deployment such as LED lighting, solar panels, thermo-coating/insulation, water treatment, chiller water management, etc. In those cases, we can provide complete end-to-end support and deployment. Please email for more information and detail.

Monitoring, Measurement, Optimization

One of the most important components to a smart building project is the monitoring, measurement and continual optimization of that project. Customers want and deserve to know what areas of their smart building are performing optimally and which are not. This all starts once the project has connected and converged building systems. Monitoring most likely will take place at the Energy Operations Center. From there measurements are compared against a baseline and changes can be made to improve or optimize those areas. These annual savings are compounded each year. To learn more about this offering, please email

Our Partners

Our partners are an important element of the full-spectrum service we provide. Our relationships with partners have been forged by years of collaborative experience and being harnessed to customer tasks that consistently deliver successful outcomes.

Smart Building Consulting

Sustainable Technology

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Sustainable Operations & Contracts


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